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globeGlobal Supplier of Materials & Custom Formulations for the Electronics Industry

Conductive Compounds Inc. develops and manufactures materials for the global electronics assembly market. In addition to our standard products, we specialize in custom formulations for new & unique high-tech applications in the printed electronics industry. Our customers rely on our extensive knowledge and understanding of materials, manufacturing methods and applications to quickly deliver quality products that accommodate their unique manufacturing methods.


New Conductive Silver Ink- AG-500A

This screen printable silver ink is designed for flex circuits, membrane switches, touch screens and other printed electronic applications. AG-500A has excellent adhesion specifically to print-treated polyester, polyimide and some ITO substrates with a typical surface resistivity of .005 Ω/square/mil when fully dried.

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globeProduct Applications

Home appliances, industrial equipment & controls, consumer electronics, military equipment, medical devices, photovoltaic systems, aerospace, automotive and electronic packaging are just a few of the diverse industries where Conductive Compounds materials are found.

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